Wednesday, October 22, 2008


It is a most wonderful feeling when I am homesick to have a swap with my dearest German friends Stefanie and Birgit! They are such talented artists as you will see from their ATC's. When a package arrives, I know it will always have some nice tea and little munchie goodies in it. Our theme for this swap was to stamp three ATC's, one with flower petals, one with leaves and one with words. You can see the bounty in the basket!These beautiful ATC's came from Birgit's work bench. She works autumn magic and some Halloween fun!
The tea Birgit sends will warm the chilly evenings...see the pretty matchbox she made! I love to light candles in the evening...

Birgit made a small sketchbook to hold her ATC's. Each brown page is stamped with a beautiful image...I have plans for this creative book so stay tuned.

The plastic leaves are a perfect touch...

Sun flowers are most welcome this time of the year by the birds...

Words and blossoms...a delicate vintage style...

Pretty papers and fun ATC's
All Birgit's treasures can be seen below...I love the pretty papers and vellum, the stickers and fun Halloween kaleidoscope stamp! The lovely vintage style card Birgit made is at the top left side with the little sketchbook next to it tied with lace & ribbon. I feel so lucky to have such talented friends. They always bring a welcome breath of old world into the cozy heart remembers those days spent with Oma und Opa so fondly.

Stefanie's ATC's are done in her exclusive Old Germany vintage style that I love so much...the ocher color is one of my favorite shades! Thank you Stefanie, they are perfect!Pretty napkins and goodies of all kind...
Isn't Mr. Mushroom just too cute on the matching card stock!!

Stefanie went on holiday to Italy this summer and brought me back this Venetian carnival mask. She thoughtfully included a mask rubber stamp too! Doesn't the faerie kitty look mysterious with it on?
Her Halloween ATC was a big hit with my grandson Cole as the numbers on it are of his favorite German soccer players Ballack and Schweinstieger!!! Her son Steffen sent Cole the poster as they both love Fussball!
Even Miss Peach was not forgotten. Kitty goodies and a pretty napkin. Oh and leaves of all sorts, felt, buttons & real bark!
I wonder what winter will bring...another swap perhaps...lebkuchen maybe? Can I wait? Not very long:)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


"GREEN THUMB" book was made for me by Sandy Hampson Bobbi's thumb
Nancy's thumb
Anita's thumb
Susan's thumb

Jennifer's thumb
Rebecca's thumb
"BUTTERFLY" book was made for me by Paulette DuQueRobin's butterfly

Sandy's butterflies
Barbara's butterfly
Roberta's butterfly
Anita's butterflyNancy's butterflies "BOTANICALS AND BUTTERFLIES" Book was made for me by Janice Post

Rebecca's butterflies
Jennifer's butterfly
Gail's butterfly
Susan's butterflies
Bobbi's butterfly
Sandy's butterfly
"Can't Catch me, I'm The Gingerbread Man!" book made for me by Robin Cramer

Click to enlarge the Gingerbread treasures. Clockwise from top center: Janice made me a bowl full! You are what you eat by Nancy! Rebecca's vintage bunnies are safe inside their house! Susan's guy is running away in the rain! Barbara's baker is making gingerbread for all his senior friends! Paulette's guy says, "I am what I am!" The book is made from a Celestial Seasonings Tea Box...shown at the center.
"BEAUTIFUL FACES" A book I made for myself Sandy's faces on the rightSusan's faceRobin's face
Rebecca's face
Anita's face
Nancy's face
Gail's face "A BOOK OF FAIRIES" made for me by Robin Cramer
Clockwise: Anita's angel pair! Sandy's brownie painter! Barbara's pumpkin faerie! Susan's nocturnal faerie!
Left to right: Bobbi's blue faerie! Paulette's pond flower faerie! Rebecca's dancing faerie!

"COLLAGE" book made for me by Anita
Jan's collage
Paulette's collage
An unknown artist hasn't written their name on this collage:)
Robin's collage
Jennifer's collage
Rebecca's collage
"WHAT WOULD NANCY DREW DO?" book made for me by Sandy Hampson
Nancy loved sharing the same name and all the memories the book brought her.
Rebecca read every single Nancy drew book as a young girl! Robin wants Nancy Drew to "figure" out who stole all the dresses!
Jan read "The Secret Of The Red Smoking Jacket"
Bobby would like to read a good book!
Jennifer thinks it's a mystery!
These 8 wonderful and fun books came to me over the summer months. Now that autumn is knocking on the cottage door I finally have had some time to post them for all of you to enjoy. Thank you to all the artists who stamped on the pages and to the creators for thinking up these great themes. I LOVE them all!!