Friday, January 30, 2009


What a fun book Sandy Hampson made for me. She has the most incredible big stamps!Rebecca Stiles' stamp...Robin Cramer's stamp... Roberta Mau's Laurel Burch stamp! Nancy Young's cornfield!
Barbara Simpson's lizard stamp.
Susan Peterson's quoted art stamp...

Thank you all for the nice art work and Sandy for making this cool book. I only wish the post office prices would stay this low. Thay would be good for mail art!

Monday, January 26, 2009


There is no better feeling during the Christmas season than to have a breath of the old country come gently into cottage. My German friends Stefanie and Birgit delight me through out the year with their swaps. At Weihnachten I especially welcome their mail no matter how long I have to wait for the post office to bring it! Good things are so worth waiting for. Our ATC swap had four themes: Santa Claus, Angels, Toys and Gingerbread. Here are Stefanie's ATC's and gifts.

Pretty tissue paper image...much too pretty for my nose!

Stefanie sent me this vintage ice skate but I can not find the second one! At least I will not twist my ankle on the ice...

Angels, angels, angels everywhere...

A feast in delicious chocolates...

Handmade wooden ornaments from the Ore Mountain region of Germany famous for it's handcrafts for hundred of years... Stefanie's sewn ATC folder and hand crafted card on the pretty table topper she sent along... Such a delicate wood carved delight of Christmas magic.... Stefanie's gingerbread theme ATC made with a felted heart! Felting...I need to learn how to do this!! Vintage style is Stefanie's trade mark!!
Santa, toys and gingerbread=Christmas delights
Stefanie's ATC's came to me in this clever sewn ATC holder that fits perfect on my wall! I love these book marks with the German calendar on them. Now I will never miss an important date again. They depict images from the book 'The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady' by Edith Holden. How did she know I would love this so? I have my dinner set in this pattern and bought the book way back in 1978!
This pretty angel holds a tag and ATC's. The good luck stone will keep the heavenly host close in my pocket...Vielen Dank Stefanie!


My dear friend Birgit sent me this cute reindeer cookie cutter. The tiny wooden reindeer with silver filigree all match the pretty heart in black in front of her stunning winter bird Christmas card. Here are Birgit's ATC's in our themes Santa, toys gingerbread and angels! Did you notice the Santa stamp was used by both Birgit and Stefanie for this swap? That is so cool!
Surrounded by a herd of reindeer! Rubber stamps, delicious teas and Mozart chocolates filled with my favorite...marzipan! I have never had these before...oh my gosh they are sooooo good! Even my cat Miss Peach got something from Santa! Beautiful German scrap and napkins will come in handy for this holidays crafting. The nutcracker stickers will match the nutcracker series Christmas stamps the post office put out this past holiday...good thing I saved them all as they came on envelopes in the mail.

A string of red and white reindeer that look very Swedish complete the holiday swap from dear Birgit. She is recovering well from hip replacement surgery and I am so glad she agreed to find time to do our swap! Danke Schoen Birgit!

Thursday, January 15, 2009


AUTUMN ANGELS made by Susan Peterson with a beautiful handcrafted paper folder.Barbara Simpson's angels... Paulette DuQue's angel...
Roberta Mau's angel...
Rebecca Stiles' angel...
Anita Butler's angels...
Jennifer Willis's angel...
QUOTATIONS book made by Susan Peterson
Roberta's quote...
Rebecca's quote...
Bobbi's quote...
Sandy's quote...
Jennifer's quote... I love both of these books for their pretty muted colors. One can never have enough quotations to help you through life along with angels by your side! Thank you for these perfect books and to the artists who left their marks in them...

Saturday, January 10, 2009



CUTE CAT BOOK made by Gail Klingeletags top row L~R: Jan, Nancy & Susan
tags bottom row L~R: Anita, Bobbi & Robin
COFFEE OR TEA BOOK made by Robin Cramer
cups tag: Susan
honey tea tag: Rebecca
dancer tag: unknown artist

origami cup tag: Roberta
tea bag & quote: Bobbi
Victorian tea tag: Anita

AN AUTUMN GARDEN BOOK I made for myself
Pumpkin seed packet page opens up to reveal the garden still life below: Anita
Pumpkin patch picker: Sandy Kitty in the pumpkin patch by Robin CramerArbor kitty & origami butterfly: Roberta
Tree with birds: Barbara
Putting up raspberry jam and drying flowers: Rebecca

STATUE BOOK made by Bobbi NesslyLady Liberty by Roberta Easter Island heads? by Sandy
Real papyrus Egyptian noble by Rebecca

Italianate style by JenniferColorful African native and beautiful fabric by Anita Grecian style by Nancy

Thank you ladies for making these creative books and the artists who stamped on the pages!