Sunday, June 21, 2009

Newest Sketchbooks: LABLES and MERMAIDS

A book of LABELS from Jennifer WillisRoberta's pineapples (she does live in Honolulu after all!)
Rebecca's violets
Barbara's cuddle toys
Susan's Black Maja ( my German aunt loved this scent!)
Sandy's chocolates
Robin's European travels
A book of MERMAIDS from Roberta Mau
Jennifer's Fantasea
Anita's coy confection
Bobbi's petite maiden
Robin's blue delight
Sandy's original mermaid...this is one for the first stamps she ever bought back in the early 90's!!
Susan's watercolored swimmer
Thank you for these wonderful fun books and all of the artists who stamped their creations in them...

Friday, June 5, 2009


Here are the wonderful sweet creations that Stefanie sent to me. Her box arrived and when I opened it....there was green Easter grass cushioning everything inside of it. Real true Easter grass made from wooden fibers just like I remember it from Germany. Yes, I admit, I cried...
Her four ATC's are very vintage in style. I really like the cut up newspaper grass.

Thank you for making my Easter a little bit of home away from home...I look forward to our next swap after summer is over maybe...


Now that summer is finally here, it is time to put up the spring ATC images from our swap with Stefanie and Birgit before autumn comes. I think I have been lazy and mixing up my seasons a little bit. But life happens and sometimes good things are worth waiting for, so enjoy the collages...The first set is from Birgit.

I just love the three little white porcelain bunnies in their simple elegance. Easter means delicate to me...coloring eggs, making baskets and Easter cards. A rebirth of the soil, flowers, daylight hours and of course that sweet chocolate Easter bunny!

Vielen Dank Birgit for bringing Easter to my heart from Germany in your soft romantic style!