Thursday, June 10, 2010


I love the lads from Liverpool! The created music history. I made this collage to celebrate their fabulousness!

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Friday, June 4, 2010


Collage of favorites...
First day of school
Weihnachten mit Oma und Opa in 1964
My mother and Oma holding me in 1955
Christmas 1964 in Augsburg with my mother and brother
Anjas ATC she made for me...was I really this cute back then?:)
Birgits ATC she made for me...I love it so much it made me cry!
My ATC's I made for Anja and for her Ma
My ATC I made for Stefanie
My ATC I made for Birgit

Birgit Stefanie und Anja


Stefanie's sweet sweet Fairies
Stefanie sent this sweet little clip on butterfly
and German scrap snowdrop flower fairy.
I think that butterflies are the ultimate enchanting fairies!!
My flower fairy done on black cardstock with Opalites then embossed... Anja's sweet pea flower fairy...
Anja's tiny fluffy fairy ...
reminds me a little bit of Die Biene Maja...
Birgits fairyland of dreams...
I made this little fairy shrine as my contribution to the swap...they were so fun.
I can see so many more possiblities with this pattern...
perhaps an Alice In Wonderland scene?

Thank you my dearest friends for these beautiful little treasures that flew across the ocean from the homeland to delight me with their magic!

Thursday, June 3, 2010


This fun ATC swap was with my dearest friends from Germany Stefanie, Anja and Birgit...
Below is Stefanie's B&W Photo ATC.
This is Stefanie's Vintage Sewing ATC
with such a pretty needle folder!
Below are Anja's B&W photo and her Vintage Sewing ATC...Ohhhh La La... this is my VINTAGE SEWING ATC below that sent to them... I love how my B&W Photo ATC turned is hard to stamp with photo image style stamps...but it finally turned out purrrrfect.
B&W Photo ATC from Birgit...
Birgit's Vintage Sewing ATC...This was a fun and creative challenge...thank you all so much for the ideas.


What speaks "SPRINGTIME" theme ATC swap with MWS
What is "GREEN" in color theme ATC swap with MWS...

Love this amazing fun layout ATC!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I just love this brass card tree I found at Goodwill for one dollar!! Rocks I painted at church retreat...

Love my new Michie handbag!

I can display my favorite ATC's in the pocket!
odd color theme Mingle ATC swap with MWS...I chose orange and purple
Tape transfer technique doggie face ATC I made for Lorian Baker...
Tape transfer ATC I got from Lorraine this idea so much!!!

Beautiful iris folded anniversary card with a beloved lighthouse from my dear friend Anita Butler...we were married in a lighthouse and she remembers how I love them...
This is my FAVORITE cute ATC I got from Lorian Baker! I just love this eyelet wheels!
Twisted Sisters ATC club...theme comfort food
Love this simple and elegant couple ATC ready for a formal night on the town...
Pipe cleaner calico kitty pin I made for a special dear friend...
A peachy keen Easter card from Princess Dilly and her mommy...I love how Helena always puts my sweet Miss Peach's likeness on her amazing cards!

Well I hope you enjoyed my smoorgasboard of this and that...ART is what you make it!