Monday, February 18, 2008


"Letters in more Victorian Times" made by Susan Peterson.

Please click to enlarge the photos for the nice detail!

Sandy made this colorful page.

Postcard by Jan

Key hole & feathers by Barbara

Blue scrolls by Bobbi

Real pansy and postcard by Rebecca

Sepia art by Robin

Tiny tage book I made for myself with Japanese envelopes. One for each month of the year. Each artist stamped two tags.

January by Bobbi.

February by Sandy.

March by Anita.

April by Barbara.

May by Anita.

June by Janice.

July by Sandy.

August by Jan.

September by Bobbi

October by Barbara.

November by Rebecca.

December by Rebecca.

~The Edwardian Lady~
" A Nature Journal"
Book made by Rebecca Stiles
Sandy Hamspson did the page above.
Robin Cramer entered the page below.

Nancy Young made the collage below.
Anita Butler put children in the garden below.
Susan Peterson shows birds in detail below.
Jan Post did a French scene with a quote below.
This is a most stunning book and I just adore how it speaks to the lady inside of me. How I wish I were free to wander about in days of old as Beatrix Potter did.

Now it is time for "Coffee or Tea" after all those wanderings in nature! This pretty tag book was made by Jan Post and the colors are so becoming.
The above cups are made by (cloackwise) Barbara serves Baguettes. Susan serves three types of roast beans. Bobbi serves the best Market Spice Tea around! Is that the Pikes Place Market in Seattle?

Anita defines moments with special coffee times. (Yes! I do remember having coffee with my Oma in Germany each day at 3:oo with out fail. Oh how I miss those days.) Sandy takes her mouse for coffee to Starbucks! Nancy Espresso's herself with detailed choices in lime green.


Anonymous said...

I looked at all the lovely books! I'm so glad to see how wonderful the Edwardian Lady turned out. Looks like you already have the real thing! I'm sure it was scandalous to see how I cut up my copy.

Anonymous said...

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Anita B said...

Wonderful books, all of them. Enjoy!!


nancy y said...

Wonderful books! I loved that Edwardian Lady book and at first couldn't believe Rebecca cut it up - but it did make such a wonderful book in the end!

It's great to see the ones you haven't worked in and to see how ones that have passed through your hands turn out in the end!

Anonymous said...

Well said.