Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Here are all of our Valentine's ATC's grouped together in colors...
I love the purples ones the best...
Stefanie's wonderful candies she collected to send to my heart....
Stefanie's Valentine ATC's...all vintage and perfect!
Stefanie's treasures wrapped with love in pink!
Anja's wonderful little album held all of her ATC's...now I had to go and get a label maker I was so inspired by her design!
Anja's Valentine ATC's look so lovely nested into my African violet plants...their colors match her cards...
Anja sent such sweet treasures along...an altered tin with sweet red rose petals inside.
An angel hanger that is perfect for my new Miche Bag!!
Birgit captured the spirit of Valentine's day with her stunning ATC's...
Birgit delighted the little man in my house with her thoughtful gift of Brause...a fizzy drink mix we used to love to dip our fingers into!
Birgit collected a treasure chest full of candies to send to my homesick heart...oh those teas are yummy! Marzipan hearts...I almost fainted they were so good!
No season delights me more than the season of LOVE in February...thank you my three dearest friends for wrapping me up in LOVE from the homeland...


Stefanie said...

Oh I had so much fun doing the Valentine ATC´s.
They all turned out very beautiful. Great idea to group them in colors.
I also love the purple one the best.
Thank you, ladies for your lovely artworks!!!

I´m still working on my fairies. I love them.. they are cute....I think... Hope to send them off next week.
Big hugs

Garden Cats + Crafts said...

What a wonderful post dear Karla. You can see how much fun you had on it. This was the most beautiful swap we ever had. I have had so much fun with the ATC, too. My fav. ATC was the silver-pink ones. I love all your ATC, they are all so beautiful.

Now we make fairies. My fairies are finished and I`m working with fun on the next ATC. Next week I will send them, too.

H&k, Birgit