Friday, December 16, 2011


 Mercedes crafted this enchanting cuff using Karla Nathan's tutorial...and she sent it TO ME!!!  It came in the lovely Victorian box that is a treasure in itself...I will wear this so much...thank you thank you and thank you again!!
 This DREAM ATC was traded between us in a private swap...isn't she sweet and dreamy?  I am so inspired by the rolled ribbon roses Mercedes so expertly can see some of my attempts at a rose garden in lace and red.  I need some practice...
 These are some of the treasures she included for me to use in future projects...I am overwhelmed by her generous spirit!
 She sent me instant ancestors!!!!!!!!
 A beautiful snowy stocking made from a vintage angora has a magic wand in it!!
 A lacey Victorian cone filled with creamy whites and roses from vintage hats I am delicate and precious...
 Now for the inside of the wonderful Christmas Cheer Tin we swapped with each other.  Such a fine little vintage scrap of an angel behind the veil of snowy glittery tulle!
 The final wonderful picture is of the top of the has an amazing vintage bottle brush tree with mica glitter on it and fruit.  It is removable so I can wear it as a corsage on my lapel!!  I will treasure each and every tidbit you sent me in our swaps and my heart is bursting with song and dance and thank you's!
This beautiful ATC and the matching envelope was sawpped to me in Tee's group The Altered Paper...How could I be so lucky to have Mercedes as my partner again!!! I looked just like the little girl when I was a child living with my Oma and Opa in Bavaria.

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Lesley said...

Oh Karla, enjoy all your treasures.I think most people in swap groups are very generous but this is definitely top notch. Mercedes has a real talent for vintage. Enjoy my friend, Merry Christmas and hope the matchbox comes soon.