Monday, October 5, 2009

STEFANIE'S Birds & Cats ATC Swap...

My dearest friend Stefanie sent me the most wonderful candies, as we call it, in her lovingly arranged package all the way from Germany for our swap. Miss Peach was as delighted to see all the things as I was. I like Stefanie's old world style of stamping and collaging her art work. She selects muted colors just right for the season or theme and always delights me perfectly with her creations. Please enjoy looking at her many talents...vielen dank Stefanie, we are so happy that you sent us so many treasures!! {Please click on the photos to enlarge them for nice details!}
Oh so many delightful Candies....
Oh I love the box best and my key chain kitty...and the mouse that Max felted for me in the first picture and the catnip!!!.
Such a nice German 'Willkommen' stone for my garden...
Dennis thinks it looks like a potato and want some Kartoffel Salat!Tiny rusty birdy fits perfect on the roses...
Delightful vintage postcards from my home country in Bavaria...oh how romantic!!
Vintage scrap in green...
Teddy bear love...
Miss Peach thinks all cats are purrrrfect!
Der Zaunkoenig!
Collaged birdies...
What is this mommy, it says Katzenzungen? Silly kitty girl those are German chocolates shaped like little cat tongues and are for adults only to eat.
My big boys are so happy that you thought of them with your perfect selections from the home country Stefanie!! Cole is so thrilled to have a German view master TV set with secens from the Moon landing. Danke dir lieber Steffen for getting this for Cole in Nurnburg at the Toy Museum, we have been there before!


Stefanie/ Luna said...

Oh how I love the last picture. I´m sooo glad your big boys enjoyed the German chocolate.
Peachie, I´m happy you love the box and our garden catnip.You looks cute in it.
Karla, I found on the fleamarket last sunday a tiny postcard collection from Berchtesgaden for you, if you like vintage postcards.
Dennis I also love Kartoffelsalad so much. Unfortunately I never can send it to you with a package ;o)
I´m glad you like my
goodies.Thank you for yours again. Now I´m looking forward to our Paperdoll swap.
Liebe Grüße and big hugs

PS: I never know you have been in the toy museum ? They had a special space exibition there with lots of tin robots.

Muhli said...

Liebe Karla,
ja, auch Stefanies Paket war eine Wucht!
Du hast es so wundervoll gepostet! Ich liebe das Bild mit Peach im Karton - zu niedlich!
Liebe Grüße,